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A Father.

Hey, everyone! It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted here…you wouldn’t believe all that I have going on! I have a few senior sessions to blog, lots of personal news to share, and a product to introduce that Brad & I have been developing over the past couple of years, but today, I wanted to take a step back and post a tribute to my loving, amazing father on this beautiful Father’s Day.

I’ve been blessed to have an amazing father by my side my whole life. He has taught me so much: how to work hard with integrity, discipline, compassion, and a joy for life and others. He’s the most selfless person I know: he’s the dad who drives your car all the way home from San Diego because your window was broken into and it’s not getting fixed until it’s back in Phoenix, just so you don’t have to ride the whole way with a rolled down window and no air conditioning (true story, by the way). He’s the dad who sat in the family room patiently explaining the game of baseball while you watched your very first Diamondbacks game, completely oblivious to the sport. He’s the dad who his strong worth ethic has taught you that if you work hard and believe, you can do anything you can imagine. He’s the dad who sat in the stands of your swim meets, soccer games, and softball games, cheering with a proud smile on his face even if I struck out. He’s the dad who when I feel completely stressed out and overwhelmed can calm me down in an instant. He’s the man who goes out of his way to help someone in need, and he’s the smartest person I know who seems to know anything about anything (hey, can’t I have some of that talent, dad?!). He’s the most amazing dad and I am so blessed and proud to call him mine :) He’s been such an amazing inspiration to me and my whole family.

Thank you so much for all you have done for me, Daddy. I love you so very much and so much of who I am today has come from you. Happy Father’s Day.

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Caitlin | Phoenix Senior Portrait Photographer

Meet the beautiful Caitlin, my latest Class of 2014 high school senior! We had so much fun capturing her fun spirit and personality during her senior portrait session. I loved her outfits & fun props she brought along, including our lovely American flag! The weather was perfect & spring was in full bloom making for a gorgeous background. Caitlin, I had so much fun with you & your mom, and you did amazing! Thank you so much for having me take your senior photos!

Thanks again, Caitlin! I wish you the best next year as you begin your teaching program at GCU! You have a bright future ahead :)

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Mike Ferree - She is more beautiful inside than outside, if that is possible

Ali - Wow :) these look so great, and Caitlin you look so beautiful!!

Laura Radniecki - LOVE THESE!!!!

I am so jealous of your pretty scenery right now. We have white snow and brown mud yet.

Caitlin is so pretty and I LOVE the diptych of her and the American flag, the one on the right with her having a straight face. That is SO STRIKING!

Alyssa | Tempe Senior Portrait Photographer

Meet Alyssa, the newest Class of 2014 senior! She is gorgeous and we had so much fun during her senior portrait session. We began at Tempe Town Lake and finished in Old Town Scottsdale. We had so much fun! Alyssa brought along so many great outfits & her hair…that color!! Love it. Thank you so much for having me take your photos, Alyssa! You did amazing & I had such a great time getting to know you, I wish you the best!!

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Rachel - Love these Lizzie:) I think my favorite series (if I had to choose!!) would be the yellow flowers- but really, they are all gorgeous!

Madi | Phoenix Senior Portrait Photographer

Meet Madi, my latest 2014 high school senior! She is so sweet and gorgeous and did amazing during her senior portrait session! It was a gorgeous Phoenix spring day and although we battled some windy conditions, we had so much fun and I absolutely love the photos we got! I loved that she brought along some beautiful fresh flowers, amazing outfits, and some fun props and accessories! Madi, thank you so much for having me take your senior photos, it was an honor and I had such a great time meeting you! You did great!

Thanks again, Madi! You have such a bright future ahead!

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